Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)


The personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part on their ability to learn, achieve and have a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem and well-being.


All of our curriculum areas have a contribution to make to a child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Therefore opportunities will be planned for this in each area of the curriculum as well as discrete teaching of themes and topics related directly to SMSC.


Spiritual development

This refers to children’s beliefs, religious or otherwise, which inform their perspective on life and their interest in and respect of the feelings and values of other people. For many people, spirituality has largely a religious base, but we must also be aware that for others, there will be little or no religious foundation to their development. Therefore it is important to include opportunities for spiritual development outside of timetabled Religious Education.


Moral development

This looks at the development of children’s understanding, attitude and behaviour to what is right and wrong, good and evil. Moral development is a very individual concept and personal to each person. With this in mind, as a community, we are aware and mindful that we are not simply transmitting our values onto the children in our community.



Social development

This area of the curriculum looks at developing a child’s progressive acquisition of the competencies and qualities needed for them to be fully integrated into and play an active role in society, so that they are well-informed citizens of the future.


Cultural development


Opportunities for cultural development, allow children the opportunity to understand their own beliefs, values and customs as well as those of different social, ethnic and national communities.


As part of SMSC we fully support different charities and fund raising events.

SMSC has close links with other areas of the school curriculum. Please click on the links below to be take to the different pages of the school website.


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