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School starts at 8.45am daily.

Mrs Gates in the school office is the first point of contact for reporting absences and for First Day Response for attendance.  Please ring on 01744 671908 the attendance number or 01744 671909 via the school office.  You can also let school know if your child is too unwell to attend, by using our absence reporting system 'Study Bugs' on the website homepage. The App for Study Bugs can be downloaded for a smart phone also. Click on the image below.

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Meet the rest of the School Attendance Team:

Miss Amanda Paton is our school Wellbeing, Welfare and Attendance Manager. You can contact Miss Paton on 01744 671908. Miss Paton works in school each day.

Mrs Judith Fowlor and Mrs Diane Russel are our Local Authority Education Welfare Officers. 

You will see all members of the school Attendance Team in and around the school. 

The School Attendance and Wellbeing team are always available to speak/meet with you and any offer support. 

School Attendance

Attendance is one of the most important areas of school life that the parents and carers of our pupils can make the biggest impact to their learning. Here at St. Anne's we pride ourselves in having high expectations of the children and endeavour for them to thrive in our vibrant, nurturing and christian environment. As a result we have set a school target of 97% attendance for each academic year.

All our pupils are entitled to the same experiences and opportunities that school brings so if they are not attending they are missing out.

If you would like any helpful information to support your child's attendance, the following websites will be helpful:

What you need to know

As a parent it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your child goes to school. If they cannot go for any reason you should tell the school and they may authorise the absence if appropriate. All absences need to be reported to school by 9:30am on the day of the absence. This can be via email [email protected], telephone call 01744 671908 /671909 or via the studybugs reporting system on the website. If school is not informed then school safeguarding protocols will be followed.

If your child is absent for 10% of their academic year they will be classed as persistently absent.  Lateness after the registers have closed is recorded as an unauthorised absence.  Accrued unauthorised asences can lead to persistent abesences.

 Punctuality is exteremely important so that your child does not miss out on any learning and social opportunities during the morning.



The table below shows the importance of good attendance.


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Please be advised that you may be asked to provide medical evidence for a pupil absence if their attendance falls below 92%. This can be the form of a medication label, proof of medicine from the chemist or appointment card/letter. We do not expect doctors or other medical professionals to provide any written evidence.

Receiving the correct medical evidence will enable us to mark the school register correctly, as per government guidelines.


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