Year 3/4 2021 - 2022

Mrs Higgins


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Welcome to Year 3/4


This is the page for you to discover what is going on in Year 3/4. We need to come into our P.E kit on Wednesday. Homework will be posted on Class Dojo weekly.
Mrs Higgins, Mrs Maguire & Miss Grice

Please see Class Dojo for the most upto date information. If you are not yet connected, please contact the school office to help you to get set up.

12th February

Another brilliant week showing how amazing we are! What a lovely way to end the term catching up on Teams together. I am going to organise another one the week we are back - I will try to do it Friday 26th, but I will just need to check when Mrs Crolla plans on doing the Big Democracy, so I will confirm this the week after half term.
Don't worry if you didn't manage to join us this time, I will arrange more and try to give you more notice next time.

Awards of the week ...

Pupil of the week : Luke for working really hard and showing brilliant maths skills.

Reader of the week: Olive for trying really hard on reading Plus

Writer of the week: Jackson for brilliant sentences using adventurous vocabulary

Well done! 👏👏

Our SCORE awards are a mixture of home & school learners.

S - Self Esteem - Clay - for confidently completing his work this week
C - Commitment - Henry - for brilliant commitment to Spelling Shed this week!
O - Organisation - Tommy - for trying hard with his handwriting
R - Resilience - Sam - for working on his resilience and for still smiling even though lots of things have changed this week.
E - Excellence - Lucas - for working hard independently and getting on with the work set.

Class Dojo Champion this week: Jackson (Again! Can someone beat his score next time?)

👏👏⭐️ Well done to all of our winners! ⭐️👏👏

Could it be you next time?

Myself, Miss Grice and Mrs Maguire hope you have a lovely week off, have lots of fun and plenty of rest. Keep safe!

11th February 

Join us tomorrow on Teams at 2pm to catch up. For more information, check Class Dojo.

10th February 

Our bubble within school has closed today while we await test results. Please see Class Dojo for more updates.

5th February

Another brilliant week showing how amazing we are . I hope you have enjoyed some of the lovely activities this week and I hope you have enjoyed learning about the Egyptians. You might want to tell me what you favourite part was.

Awards of the week ....

School learner of the week: Kacper
Home learner of the week: Olive

Kacper has been working hard all week and trying his best. Olive shared a lovely acrostic poem to express herself this well!

Well done! 👏👏

Our SCORE awards are a mixture of home & school learners.

S - Self Esteem - Tommy - for a brilliant acrostic poem expressing himself abs showing he is proud of himself
C - Commitment - Nieve - for sharing brilliant ideas in English these last few days
O - Organisation - Clay - for trying hard with his handwriting
R - Resilience - everyone (both children and their adults) - for trying their best during a challenging time.
E - Excellence - Lucas - for great crafting this week - his amulet and scratching art.

Class Dojo Champion this week: Jackson

👏👏⭐️ Well done to all of our winners! ⭐️👏👏

Could it be you this week?

15th January

What a brilliant week of learning both in school and at home.
I have changed the awards now while things as different. It has been so hard as I have been very impressed of everyone for trying their best.

School learner of the week: Charlie
Home learner of the week: Sean-David

Both children have worked really hard despite so much change! Well done, we are so proud of you both.

Our SCORE awards are a mixture of home & school learners.

S - Self Esteem - Santino - giving every challenge a go.
C - commitment - Thomas A- brilliant commitment to his work at home
O - organisation - Matylda - being ready to learn
R - resilience - Olive - for trying her best
E - excellence - Luke - impressing us with his maths

Class Dojo Champion - Santino

👏👏⭐️ Well done to all of our winners! ⭐️👏👏

5th January

Please see Class Dojo for home learning activities. Any problems or questions, please contact us on Class Dojo.


20th November 

Thank you to both children and parents for your hard work these past two days. It has been an unusual end to the week, but let's celebrate how hard we have been working.

Here are this week’s certificates.

Certificates for the week 👏🏽

Pupil of the week – Emaleigh – for working really hard in Maths and English. She has tried her best and we have been very impressed!

Writer of the week – Clay – for brilliant writing about the book Grandad’s Island. He has been listening to and applying the sentence structures taught.

P.E Stars of the week – Lucas & Charlie Mr O'Connor told me you demonstrated brilliant partner work & had an amazing routine. Well done boys!

Dojo Champion - it was close this week - our winner this week is Jackson.

S – Self Esteem - Jackson for showing brilliant confidence when writing in our English lessons.

C – Commitment - Tommy C – commitment to his Math’s work this week, challenging himself further.

O – Organisation - Matylda – for being organised and helping her peers to be organised.

R – Resilience - I have chose two winners this week!
- Santino for giving each challenge a go &
- Xander for trying his best all the time.

E – Excellence - Olive - for giving 100% effort all the time.

Well done to all our winners! I will write out your certificates as soon as we are back in school, so we can take our photos to upload to your portfolio.

13th November

Good Evening! We have worked so hard this week! We have been comparing Spain and England and have discussed what human and physical geography is.
In English we have been working on Grandad’s Island or The shy shark. Mine and Mrs Maguire’s English group have wrote an independent piece of writing today. We were very impressed with everyone’s work! Well done! Miss Grice’s English group have been working very hard with their sounds and writing CVC words. She has been very impressed this week too! This afternoon we had a treat because we have worked so hard. We coloured in special pictures of Pudsey (from here ) and watched them come to life with the app Quiver. We had lots of fun! See our Wrok Gallery for pictures!

Here are this week’s certificates. It has been so difficult to choose.

Certificates for the week 👏🏽

S -Self Esteem -
Finley for confidently answering questions during guided read today.

C - Commitment -Emaleigh for brilliant work on her sounds this week.

O - Organisation - Matylda for always being ready to learn and being organised with her wallet and pencil case.

R - Resilience -Kacper
For working hard in Maths and not giving up!

E - Excellence - Clay for challenging himself in Maths.

Forest School Award - Zak for using all SCORE values in Forest school this week!

Pupil of the week - Alesha for always trying her best! She has been more confident and resilient in the last few weeks. What a superstar!

Writer Of The Week - Patrick M for working hard on his presentation in his new books abs for challenging himself.

P.E star of the week - Luke for brilliant balancing skills and for sharing them with the class.

Dojo Champion - Olive

Well done to all of our winners! 👏🏽

Spellings this week are words where we double the last letter before adding the suffix -ed. Such as grabbed, patted, dragged.

Thank you 😊. Have a lovely weekend!


6th November

Good Evening! What a week we have had! The children have began working in our new school books. They have been working hard on their presentation and making sure they have took their time.
We have also completed some writing on the sacrament of Confirmation in R.E.

Here are this week’s certificates. It has been so difficult to choose.

Certificates for the week 👏🏽

S -Self Esteem -
Charlie for confidently answering questions during class discussions.

C - Commitment -Gabby for always Challenging herself further.

O - Organisation - (voted for by peers) Sam for always keeping his things tidy.

R - Resilience -Maisie
For trying her best all the time.

E - Excellence - Sean-David for a brilliant biome project.

Pupil of the week - Patrick P for always showing his SCORE values and being a role model within class.

Writer Of The Week - Charlie for brilliant writing about his half term. He challenged himself to write more!

P.E star of the week - Sam for confidently showing his gymnastic skills.

Dojo Champion - Sean-David

Well done to all of our winners! 👏🏽

Some children have had the reading certificates for reading and returning 5 books and reviews since the start of the year. If your child has not had a new reading book for a while, please check it has been returned so that we can get them a new one. It is very important that the children are reading regularly.

Spellings this week will be adverbs that’s end in ‘-ly’ such as bravely, calmly, quickly . See Class Dojo.

Next week in Geography we are going to look at human and physical geography. We will be comparing landmarks in Spain and England. If the children would like to, for extra dojo’s, they can research some landmarks in both countries ready for their lesson next Tuesday.

Thank you 😊. Have a lovely weekend!


2nd November

Welcome Back!
Here are The final week's Awards... sorry they are late.

Certificates for the week 👏🏽

S -Self Esteem -
Patrick P for confidently completing all of the activities set.

C - Commitment - Nieve for working hard to learn and remember her sound.

O - Organisation - Tommy for always being ready to learn and organising his work well.

R - Resilience - Emaleigh
For giving 100% effort and not giving up!

E - Excellence - Sean-David for brilliant ideas within his English lesson.

Pupil of the week - Sam for brilliant commitment towards his learning especially in English. I have loved your ideas and the vocabulary used.

Writer Of The Week - Tommy for working really hard in his writing.

P.E star of the week - Oliver for being picked as Player of the day by the football coaches.

Dojo Champion - Sam

Well done to all of our winners! 👏🏽

I hope you have all had a lovely week off! Thank you to those who have sent pictures of their biomes! We will be discussing them tomorrow afternoon.
The children have been very busy on their first day back looking at a new stories in English (Grandad's Island or The Pea and the princess) and in P.S.H.E we have been celebrating our differences.

16th October

Good evening, the children have had another busy week this week. In English, we have been writing WANTED posters using descriptive language. In Maths, we have played times table bingo, shut the box and Mr. Bump. In Science we have been looking at being safe with electricity.
Today we have discussed what mental health is. We talked about what we can do if we feel sad or another feeling we don’t like. We have also discussed who we can talk to if we are worried about ourselves or someone else.
The children gave brilliant answers!

Certificates for the week 👏🏽

S -Self Esteem - Clay
For confidently completing his WANTED poster even though he missed some of the input today.

C - Commitment -Kacper for working hard at home on his online platforms after school.

O - Organisation - Sam
for being ready to learn this week.

R - Resilience - Thomas A
Voted by peers - for never giving up!

E - Excellence - Oliver
For producing a fabulous WANTED poster.

Pupil of the week - Matylda for an AMAZING week! She has shown all of our SCORE values! She has given 100% effort all week.

Writer Of The Week - Patrick P for an amazing WANTED poster that included adventurous vocabulary, descriptive language and a complex sentence. He also worked hard on his spellings.

P.E star of the week - Sam for brilliant answers to questions asked and for listening to instructions given.

Dojo Champions - Henry & Charlie

Well done to all of our winners! 

On Monday, all children need to come into school in their P.E kits please .

I look forward to speaking to you all next week abs updating you on where the children are up to.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe.

9th October

Certificates for the week 

S -Self Esteem - Matylda 
For completely all of her assessments confidently and giving 100%.

C - Commitment - Finley 
for pushing himself and completing work even though he is not in school at the moment. (We all gave you a clap 👏🏽 in class to say well done.)

O - Organisation - Gabby
 for looking after her equipment and being ready to learn all the time.

R - Resilience - Patrick P
For showing brilliant resilience during assessment week.

E - Excellence - Lucas
For showing all of our SCORE values during assessment week.

Pupil of the week - Henry 
For ALWAYS trying his best and giving each challenge ago. For ALWAYS showing his score values. 

Dojo Champion - Thomas A 

Well done to all of our winners! 

I have sent home new reading books for the children who have returned books. Please remember to return reading books weekly to be changed. 

I have also sent home some flash cards with some children. These are common exception words that the children need to practise reading and learn to recognise. Thank you.

2nd October

See Class Dojo Portfolio's for photos with certificates.

S -Self Esteem - Tommy
For his positive attitude and lovely manners towards his peers and staff!

C - Commitment - Charlie
for pushing himself in his Maths lessons, going above and beyond what has been asked!

O - organisation - Jackson
for looking after his equipment and keeping it tidy in his wallet!

R - resilience - Alesha
For bravely contributing more to class discussions and using a lovely loud voice to do so.

E - excellence - Luke
For remaining focussed during lessons and coping well to changes in routine.

Pupil of the week - Lizy
For showing a brilliant commitment to her learning this week and impressing all of the staff who have worked with her this week!

11th September

After a very busy week, I’m proud of how the children have given each challenge a go. The children produce some brilliant writing today about our world of food. I will upload some when the children have had a chance to edit.

I’ve found it hard once again to pick our SCORE winners.

S - Xander for confidently answering Questions in class and sharing his ideas.

C - Olive for always being ready and keen to learn. She completes everything set.

O - Henry for always being ready and organised to learn. This was voted for by his peers.

R - Gabby for giving every challenge a go.

E - Maisie for fantastic reading this week.

Pupil of the week - Nieve
Dojo Champion - Sean-David

Well done for all our winners. 

Reminder - homework this week is just to read the reading book that has been sent home and complete the book review. As we get back into routine, I will set more. At the moment, I feel the children are working very hard in school and need to get used to that once again.

Thank you 😊


4th September

What a brilliant first week we have had!
The children have settled in really well and have been very busy.
We have talked lots about worries and hopes as well as telling me more about themselves today. The children wrote a letter to me during English and this afternoon we drew self portraits that involved changing half their face to show what they enjoy. All the children worked really hard on this! I have uploaded their drawings for you to see.

Each Friday we will have SCORE value winners, a pupil of the week and a Dojo Champion. Unfortunately we can’t bring certificates home at moment so I will upload a photo instead to Class Dojo. It has been really hard choosing our winners this week.

Self Esteem award goes to Nieve for confidently giving everything a go!

Commitment award goes to Xander for being committed to completing all his activities, always trying his best.

Organisation award goes to Thomas A for beautifully presented work and for always being ready to learn.

Resilience award goes to Patrick M for not giving up on his drawing, even when he found it difficult.

Excellence award goes to Sean David for being creative with his artwork this afternoon.

Our pupil of the week -Zak
Joint Dojo Champions -Sam & Clay

Well done to you all!

Have a lovely weekend! See you Monday!


30th August - 

Hello Year 3/4. I cannot wait until we return to school on Tuesday. I am really looking forward to seeing you all and completing some fun activies. Hope you all enjoy your last couple of days and make sure you get an early night Tuesday. 
I have just finished setting up our classroom ready for tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in the week.

Just a reminder that we now have set times to arrive and leave depending on the initial of your surname.
Groupings Arrival & Departure time.

A-F 8.40 am - 3.05pm

G-L 8.45am - 3.15pm

M-R 8.50am - 3.20pm

S-Z 8.50am -3.20pm

Please make sure your clothes are labelled, so they don't get lost. Remember to label your water bottle too.


Only One You

In September, the whole school will be sharing the text "Only One You" by Linda Kraz. It is a fantastic book, full of wonderful advice for all ages! Click the book to listen to the story.

Only One You: Kranz, Linda: Books

Sneak Peak of our Classroom for September









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